Adeptus Mechanicus, Warhammer 40 000

Sicarian Ruststalkers – The obsession takes form

It was time for a more simple and straight-forward batch of models – The Sicarian Ruststalkers.

Though they consist of human bodies, they felt more or less like robots in terms of painting. Basically claws, metallic limbs and sharp stuff pointing in every possible direction coming out of a red torso. They also have heads, but on a list of bodily necessities I believe everything holding sharp stuff have priority on these.

In order to keep track of my uploads, I had to give them names. So first up is Gunnar. There is an old flechette blaster on the base. Flechette blaster -> gun -> Gunnar.

There is a lot of free space on these bases, so I wanted to make use of it to give them a small bit of character. Why not use spare bits?

So this is the first unit I start adding a few personal touches on their bases. Though nothing groundbreaking, it was a start. I added a subtle gloss on their armour with the help of a red wash. Ready-made washes give off a glossy surface, while thinning down regular paints gives a matt surface.

Uncle Acid is the most notorious one. Using glossy effects, I made him an acid pool to cool down his hot feet. The acid will return later on, and I will most likely improve on these guys as well. But for now they´re decent enough to go out on the field.

The torsos made me understand the effect of edge highlighting. An easy technique to create depth by emphasizing the edges of individual parts. The metallics are painted quite simple – A base of Leadbelcher, followed by a layer of Ironbreaker, washed with nuln oil and a final touch of Runefang steel. The robes have been given a base of Mephiston red, followed by a layer of Wazdakka red, a wash of Carroburg crimson and finished with som Evil suns scarlet.

The small touches of dust their bases are worthy of a mention. It’s lava sand from the infamous Eyjafjallajökull on Iceland. Collected a jar of it as a memory from a wonderful trip there.

Full front 2
The completed unit, ready for deployment.


The blades leave much room to improve. I also felt the importance of paying attention to removing the moldlines, as they really tend to pop up. Most of their grenade-packs is in need of more layering and I will most likely return to their backpacks as well.

Was a bit worried about free-handing the signature pattern on the robes of the Princeps, but they turned out pretty well.



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