Adeptus Mechanicus, Warhammer 40 000

Tech-priestess Domina Felicia Tayber

If there is one piece in the army that deserves full attention, it is the leader. On the battlefields where the Adeptus Mechanicus deploys, it is the Tech-Priest Dominus who becomes first in command. And as such, I wanted to give mine a unique touch.

The standard model, available at Games Workshop.

Though I very much like the appearance of GW:s model, the lack of units in general among AdMech points everyone in the general direction of this single HQ (well, this one and Belisarius Cawl). The head is swappable, and it is a bit repose-able; but besides that there is little room for kit bashing. So I started looking around for other possible models.

One thing that’s really missing back at Games Workshop is female models. Just going down that branch is a quite simple way to give a sweet touch to my forces… And after a bit of searching, I stumbled upon RagingHeroes, having a quite extensive range of interesting models suitable for my project.

Necropriestess Nepharya caught my attention, striking a divinesque pose, clad in iron tentacles and tools, concealed in robes and mask. Perfect for me!

TEch priestess assemble
First steps after unpacking. This model was a challenge to assemble!

First of all, if you´re used to GW:s plastic, then you´re in for a bit of pain. Since I was in no mood to mess this up, I went through all steps thoroughly before assembling. Proper washing, removing all the moldlines, etc. Even though I’m used to the good ol’ days of assembling fragile parts, this was among the harder ones; I would place it next to this classic. In my younger days I would’ve been fine with half the effort, but nowadays I prefer to assemble my models once without having to worry to much about fragility. I reinforced every tentacle and claw with some extra mold, before fixating with really strong glue…

Before we move on, lets give the video below a minute of your time:

Boob-armour annoys the Jibbers out of me. And my biggest concern with Nepharya (and the Raging Heroes-franchise overall) was right there at the focal point of her. There was work to be done here.

Tech-priestess WIP 3
Lets arrange for some decency here – It’s cold on Mars!

So first of I went for a complete mastectomy. I flattened her chest using a fine clipper before smoothing the area with a fine file.

TEchpriestess WIP 2

I took an AdMech sigil from my bits-box and added tubes in the same manner found on the Skitarii Rangers/Vanguard. This gives her a more robust appearance and makes her tie in more with the army in general. Since I try to go for wysiwyg (what you see is what you get), I removed her right scythe and replaced with a plasma caliver (stand in for the volkite blaster), removed on of her mechanical arms and replaced with a servo-skull, a computer from the infiltrator box, and a repurposed flechette blaster to stand in for a macrostubber. Though technically not the correct weapons for a Dominus (or in this case, Domina), they come in appropriate scale and shouldn’t give anyone a hard time guessing. I doubt I will enter any official tournaments anyway.

Techpriestess WIP 4
The base before applying paint.

Once again, I didn’t really take the time to properly document my progress. The picture above jumps straight to the finished model and on to the base. It took me quite some time before deciding how to execute it. I ended up stacking up on skulls and industrial debris. The skulls add to the dynamic of the tentacles, reducing the distance between the model and the base as it feels like she crawls through the death and debris below. It also gave a much needed stability to her tentacles, as well as more weight to the bottom, reducing wobbly model-syndrome.

Finally, one secret ingredient was added, granting her extra fortune on the field – the sand is ash from Eyjafjallajökull, a volcano infamous for her eruption back in 2010.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the finished piece! This took perhaps two weeks of evening-sessions, including preparation and drying. I was quite generous with gold, making sure she becomes the centre of attention on the field.

And her name? Among the female Magos lore wise, the name Felicia Tayber came up. Not much is said of her appearance, besides donning mechaendrites attached to her spine and having large part of her skull augmented. Perfect match for me! Felicia it is.

2 thoughts on “Tech-priestess Domina Felicia Tayber”

  1. Nice work, thought of using Nepharya as Domina for my army as well, but just a question: Why using a female model when killing the only female part recognizable (front) out? Stil a good model, though.


    1. Thanks for your compliment! Having an exposed chest seems weird, taking in consideration that her role is as a leader in combat. I’m also not that fond of how female models tend to be depicted. Even though her prominent (twin) features have been scaled back, the proportions are still those of a female. In comparison to the regular GW models, she is a bit thinner, her hips are wider and her waist is smaller. I do like subtleties; and as such, perhaps she might be taken for a male unless you inspect the model more closely?

      Best regards!


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