Adeptus Mechanicus, Warhammer 40 000

Skitarii Rangers part 1/2 – patched up and ready

Moving on, it as time for some troops. Here is where I started becoming comfortable with myself and began challenge myself; paying more attention to smaller details such as the hazard marking on the tubings, and free hand the patterns on their robes.

One thing I came up with was the idea of adding more camouflage to make my unit distinct from other AdMech-forces. And so I came up ith the idea of adding Adhesive plaster, or patches, for this purpose

Patches comes with two very useful properties; they’re adhesive and really easy to apply, and they have a uniform structure. To give them more of a rag tag approach I tried adding different forms of camo to each model.

Arkebus 2
Plaster added to my sniper. To make it more firm, several layers of watered down PVA were added
rangers lim
On a few occasions, some assistance was needed to make sure the patching dried properly in place
ranger mask
On my tenth and final piece I went over the top and made some sort of odd mask with a few loose ends for the sake of looks.

For my alpha I wanted more subtlety and made him wear his camo in the way of an epaulette.

As the model above strikes a very dynamic pose, I tried to emphasize it by making the camo react to the movement of the ranger

I have a really hard time with the plasma and arc-rifles. It took several attempts before I was satisfied with this ranger.


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