Adeptus Mechanicus, Warhammer 40 000

Skitarii Rangers – part 2/2

Following up on my previous post, its time to wrap up my first unit of troops.
It was interesting painting a larger amount of models in one batch. On one hand, it became a bit of an assembly line, painting the different parts multiple times in a row. On the other hand, it was very time consuming.

Hazard stripes have become an essential part of my army. A very subtle, yet efficient detail that makes the different unit interesting to observe. An important part is to never lose the sense of immersion.

Learning the hard way, one lesson I’ve learned is to assemble in stages, painting up parts becoming obscured. Areas of the groin, beneath the chest and the tubule under their arms were a bit tricky when all parts were glued…


The small scarf was very easy to add, and probably the most effectful in terms of time and paintjob.

The last model to become finished was given a full facial. Though it has room for improvement, I’m satisfied.


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Saving the most interesting piece for the last. The transonic arquebus, basically a sniper, coerced me into modify the whole unit. The standard unit leaves a lot of space for improvements. I put the rifle pod aside; wanting the ranger to look more engaged to the environment, using the terrain to his advantage. Leaning on an outcrop seemed natural, as I went for the sterile desert-environment of Mars. His robe is a tad darker, accompanied by both the camouflage-pattern and the ghillie hood. a subtle green detail is the tube circulating the radiation-senser, breaking an otherwise quite mono-coloured unit.


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