Natural terrain, Terrainbuilding

Drop the acid

As I insist on modifying every nook and cranny of my army, the same goes with my terrain. As the battle-board easily becomes recognized as the GW standard board, I might as well try giving at a little nice touch.

The skull pits have a very grateful and natural recess. So in order to make my martian a bit more cozy and forgeworldesque, I wanted to create toxic  pools of acid; an expected side-effect of the unhealthy industrialization of the planet.


It took a while getting the hang of different types of material, but in the end I managed to find what I was looking for on this side of the Atlantic – Clear-cast resin.

Bought it at a local store in Sweden – WS Company

About 49 Euro for 1.5 kg. Not too bad, it will most likely last very long, even though I probably will find excuses to apply it on a lot of places.

acid resin 1

Its a bit messy, requiring some mixing and stirring before applying. Once applied, the the drytime is about 24h.

acid resin 2

I added a few drops of green, careful to make sure that the bottom is visible in a few spots. the bubbles were cheap pearls from a even more local shop.

acid resin 3

acid resin 4

Not too hard, and it has been quite entertaining to see my fellow game-mates failing the urge to stroke the glossy surface.

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