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Heading for the headlines

Just look at that longing stare from this woman. She really seem to be fully mesmerized by the presence of Tech-Priestess Domina Felicia Tayber. Right?

Not much to add here. It might not be the biggest one in terms of newspapers – But I can cross being on the cover of a magazine off of my bucketlist.

(A rough translation:
“We want adolescents to be able to do alternate things on their spare time. That’s why we invite adolescents and adults to partake and learn about figure games, building models, tabletop games and other estetic cultural activites”)

Context being our local compound arranging a full day of 40k and tabletop game open to visitors. Turned out quite alright, though we didn’t do much in terms of marketing. We managed to recruit a few new members to our group!

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