A silo for Omnissiah

There are some parts of the community on GW I miss nowadays. Though I have to say I really like how Warhammer 40 000 has evolved in recent years, it’s the crafting and individual love that makes me connect to the hobby.

It’s never been easier to create a great battlefield. GW produces a lot of top notch terrain, especially the Sector Mechanicus, but it becomes challenging to merge these pieces with the home-made stuff.

On the other hand, it is inspiring to watch the quality of buyable terrrain constantly improve. And one of my goals is to create a full board with the same, strong immersion as a fully fledged stor bought equivalent.

As with my miniature-painting, building terrain is made with small babysteps. Creating a silo is an easy start. Its usually quite cheap, since you build mostly from scratch. Just pick a suitable can, and the basic structure is done. The trick is to modify in a way that conceal the can in the way that makes it hard to recognize where it once came from.19859151_10154849070579010_657634767_o

The bottom of the can most often have that characteristic “can-pattern”. Putting some paint on is a good enough start, but it remains a distinguishable part of the terrain, taking a bit from the immersion.  Putting on plastic board containing the diamond-pattern of industrial boardwalks does the trick. Simple measure and cut. Made a ladder out of sprue leftovers from my ad-mech.


The pipe exhausts are bought from greenstuffworld. I will combine these with plastic piping in the future, making for some great pipelines for that industrial feel. The railing are custom made for boats, but they work just as well in the world of 40k. Very fine plastic sprue is threaded through each pole.

19727168_10154852474364010_938404704_oUsed the same plasticard, cutting out a cog-wheel to give the silo the signature of Adeptus Mechanicus. The boltheads are cut out of hexagonal tubing.

20170707_002544And then I drew the rest of the owl (yeah, I’m quite bad at photographing during the building-process. No environment is sterile. I added dust(sand), and placed out a few pieces of junk. Notice the nails below the pipes. Barely visible is also an ammo clip to the left.

The handles on the pipes below are buttons. The markings are made out of transfers, coming from most of the standard issue packages of ad-mech miniatures.


Overall, a quite thankful starting point. As hinted in the pictures above, this part will grow, adding more silos, and more connective pipes; one of the captivating part about the strange fraction of the mechanicum is the sort of twisted industrial environments.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A final few pictures of the finished silo. The exhausts at the top will most likely be used for future interconnections.


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