Natural terrain, Terrainbuilding

Mountains of Mars, part II

Hello polystyrene my old friend. Wouldn't take long before I came back for this versatile material. Creating with polystyrene is quite messy. It's also a bit unforgiving, as exposing its characteristic structure easily breaks the immersion. So I went for a bit more expensive polystyrene; not having to deal with the crumbles of the standard… Continue reading Mountains of Mars, part II

Natural terrain, Terrainbuilding, Warhammer 40 000

Mountains of Mars – Settling on the foundation

Like most people, I tend to grow bored of performing the same tasks over and over again. The wonderful thing that makes me appreciate playing conflict games with miniatures is the great variety in creation. So after a few weeks of evening-sessions painting different shades of red and metal, I turned my focus to another… Continue reading Mountains of Mars – Settling on the foundation

Adeptus Mechanicus, Warhammer 40 000

Sicarian Ruststalkers – The obsession takes form

It was time for a more simple and straight-forward batch of models - The Sicarian Ruststalkers. Though they consist of human bodies, they felt more or less like robots in terms of painting. Basically claws, metallic limbs and sharp stuff pointing in every possible direction coming out of a red torso. They also have heads,… Continue reading Sicarian Ruststalkers – The obsession takes form